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We specialize in Mass and Heat transfer solutions and separation, mixing and application technology. We offer separation and mixing technology, process solutions and field services for chemical processing industries. Our advanced and economical solutions set standards in the fields of mass transfer and heat transfer. Our product offering ranges from process components to complete separation process plants and application technologies. We are the market leader in providing sulphuric & sulfates , sulphonation & detergent production technology . Our customer support covers engineering services for separation and reaction technology .


A experienced team


The Karan Energy Board of Directors consists of three members who are elected individually for tow-year terms. All of them has held an executive position at Karan Energy. The Karan Energy Executive Team consists of the different departments including : Ceo , Sales and programming , Design and QC , Manufacturing , Financial and accounting.


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From our humble beginnings , we have been a transformative industrial force. We are pioneers and have been at the forefront of segments as diverse as chemical processes. We take courageous decisions and continually reinvent ourselves. We continuously strive to be faster and better. At Karan Energy, our most exciting challenge is always the next one.

Our team steps up to challenging assignments and seizes every occasion to grow. At Karan energy , we build on the strengths and diversity of our people. We are all different and all have unique skills to contribute so that Karan Energy is always stronger than the sum of its parts.



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